The Twelfth International Conference on Shot Peening will be held September 15-18, 2014, in Goslar, Germany. The International Conference on Shot Peening is the triennial conference of the International Scientific Committee for Shot Peening (ISCSP).

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Related mechanical surface treatments - such as deep rolling, laser peening, ultrasonic peening, combined processes and other cold work processes inducing compressive surface residual stresses - are within the scope of the conference, especially when compared to shot peening. Shot Peening and related mechanical surface treatments have proved to be powerful instruments in enhancing the resistance of components to various kinds of stress-induced damage, particularly with respect to fatigue and corrosion damage. The service lives of a wide variety of structural components, irrespective of shape and dimensions, can be improved dramatically by shot peening. The commercial benefits of applying mechanical surface treatments are increasingly recognized, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.

ICSP-12 will be an important international meeting for discussing the science, technology and applications of mechanical surface treatments. It will offer a unique forum, enabling scientists and engineers to deepen and update their knowledge of all aspects of mechanical surface treatments. ICSP-12 will cover a range of surface treatment topics based on: technological aspects, process procedures, changes in the surface state, process simulation, service properties and fields of application.

The study of shot peenings benefits and uses are crucial as the need grows for stronger and lighter metal components in transportation, medical and many other applications. Exhibition

An exhibition of products and services related to the topics of the conference will be held in conjunction with the conference. It is tentatively scheduled to be open three days, from Monday through Wednesday.